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is to produce the finest honey products, and continuous development while maintaining our integrity and ethics.
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At SIDR, our primary focus is on the Food and Consumer with a mission bringing diversified, high-quality, nutritious food products creating transformational experiences for people to live happy, healthy, fun lives — over and over again.

As one of the finest honey brands in the world, SIDR is committed to the sustainable success of all of our businesses. That’s why, when we invest with partners and vendors, we work in close, long-term partnership with our contractors in order to grow the business. We provide global insights and advise on international best practices. We also monitor performance, and continuously examining portfolio contractors for value added exits.

our story
The Story BeginsOur Story

Since its establishment in the 2021, SIDR has followed a distinguished path, as the founder started working in general trade and joined by his partners, their values have evolved to drive of quality innovation, safety and a true ‘hive to home’.

our brand
The BeginingOur Brand

At SIDR “the company” our vision is to become an innovative, world-class honey producer that is recognized for being a reliable partner.

our team
The Story ContinuesOur Team

To rethink innovation, SIDR surrounded by true titans across the globe. The team’s passion enables us to offer the finest honey products for the stakeholders we serve in the market.

our culture
giving back

Adopting limitless innovation to bring about plentiful supply for generations to come. The future of food security tomorrow begins with the seeds of innovation today.

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SIDR believes in nonstop innovation that results in nutritious food, the finest products for accessible to everyone, while supporting and caring for our people and communities near and far.

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A job at SIDR is a chance to live in the “brighter future” that we are now developing, an opportunity of unprecedented scope for transformational experiences for people to live happy, healthy, and fun lives.

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