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it's more than honey

honey gives hope

Adopting limitless innovation to bring about plentiful supply for generations to come. The future of food security tomorrow begins with the seeds of innovation today.

Environmental ImpactSustainable Food

Creating a sustainable food system means tackling the environmental impacts of our operations, working to make a positive difference at local and systemic levels, within and beyond our own value chain.

Sustainable Food
Diversity & InclusionPeople

We strive to create a safe and equitable environment within our company, our supply chain, and our communities. This means championing safety, dignity, and human rights as foundational to the way we do business.

Nutritional ImpactFood Security

Communities flourish when they’re getting the nutritious food they need. Children are better educated; economies grow; and people live healthier, happier lives.

Food Security
Social ImpactEconomic Opportunity

As needs intensify and families are faced with increased uncertainty, SIDR is investing to provide underserved populations with the support they need to manage through these unpredictable times and build capability for a more stable future. In each market, our approach is customized to meet local needs.

Economic Opportunity
Sidr PositivePositive Agriculture

We’re working to source our ingredients in ways that restore the earth and strengthen farming and beekeepers communities.

Positive Agriculture
Product & NutritionPositive Choices

We’re inspiring people through our brand to make choices that create more smiles for them and the communities we serve, by choosing safe, high-quality foods and beverages.

Positive Choices