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supplier code of conduct


This Supplier Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the “Code of Conduct” or the “Code”) establishes a Policy for all current and potential suppliers of the SIDR Company in relation to SIDR project and any other entity to be established in connection with SIDR project (“SIDR”). SIDR’ suppliers include vendors, partners, consultants, manufacturers, contractors and sub-contractors who are registered with SIDR and are seeking to provide goods, services and personnel to SIDR or which are currently parties to agreement for such purposes with SIDR or one of its contractors. This policy applies to SIDR and all of its subsidiaries.

The Code of Conduct contains the policies that relate to the legal and ethical standards of conduct that vendors, partners, manufacturers, contractors and sub-contractors (together, the “Suppliers”) are expected to comply with while carrying out their fiduciary duties and responsibilities to SIDR.

The Code of Conduct contains the policies that relate to the legal and ethical standards of conduct that vendors, partners, manufacturers, contractors and sub-contractors (together, the “Suppliers”) are expected to comply with while carrying out their fiduciary duties and responsibilities to SIDR.

Furthermore, this Code is intended to help the Suppliers focus on areas of ethical risk, provide guidance to help them recognize and deal with ethical issues, provide mechanisms to report unethical conduct, and to help foster a culture of honesty and accountability.

It is an honor to have you as part of the SIDR value chain, working together to ensure our companies positively impact our communities, our planet and our people. 


SIDR expects the Suppliers to comply with the laws of their countries in which they are headquartered and with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the United States.

In addition, the Supplier shall comply with any contractual arrangements entered into between the Supplier and SIDR in addition to this Code of Conduct.



Suppliers must adhere to the human rights law applicable in both US and the country in which they are operating in. SIDR is committed to working with all suppliers and other partners as they undertake similar assessments of their own business and develop their own approach to respecting human rights.


SIDR complies with all applicable laws regarding the treatment of our employees and other stakeholders. Suppliers that do business with SIDR are prohibited from using slave or involuntary labor, of any kind including prison labor, debt bondage or forced labor by governments.


SIDR believes in recognizing and valuing our differences to deliver superior results. Bringing together people of different races, gender, education, language, skill sets and experience enables ideas and innovation to flourish.

SIDR expects its suppliers to be inclusive and to ensure that their employees and other stakeholders are always treated with dignity and respect. SIDR expects its suppliers to prohibit discrimination or harassment against anyone based on an individual’s: ethnic descent or national origin, race or color, gender, age, disability.

To best meet these expectations, suppliers should have formal policies that prohibit harassment and discrimination and should periodically review hiring and promotion practices to ensure fair treatment.


SIDR is committed to a working environment which is free from harassment, including discrimination, victimization and bullying, and in which dignity of the individual is paramount. As such, all Suppliers are responsible for helping to ensure that individuals do not suffer any form of harassment.


Suppliers must follow all applicable laws regarding working hours, wages and overtime pay. Workers must be paid at least the minimum legal wage or a wage that meets local industry standards. Suppliers should conduct operations in ways that limit overtime to a level that ensures humane and productive working conditions.

Suppliers must pay overtime and any incentive rates required to meet standards. Workers should receive necessary time off, paid annual leave and holidays, as required by local laws.


It is important that suppliers manage compliance, minimize environmental impact and drive continual improvement of environmental compliance. Suppliers must maintain documentation to be able to respond to requests for information including but not limited to resource consumption, emissions, compliance, environmental risks and liabilities and other environmental sustainability matrices. Such compliance shall include, amongst other things:


A safe and healthy working environment is critical to the success for both an effective partnership between SIDR and its suppliers. Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws regarding working conditions. This includes worker health and safety, hygiene and sanitation, fire safety, risk protection and electrical, mechanical and structural safety. SIDR desires to partner with all suppliers in efforts to meet SIDR’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its employees.


To meet social responsibilities, suppliers are expected to conduct their business in an ethical manner and to act with integrity at all times. Ethical requirements include the following aspects:


Bribery can include not just the payment of money but the transfer of anything of value including lavish entertainment or travel expenses, or political or charitable donations. SIDR does not tolerate bribery in any form and is committed to conducting its business with integrity. SIDR also reserves the right to refer such matters to public authorities for possible criminal prosecution.


SIDR is committed to promoting honesty, integrity and has a zero-tolerance to fraud. All suppliers are expected to share this commitment and lead by example in ensuring adherence to appropriate regulations, procedures, practices and the Code.


Suppliers will conduct their business in line with fair competition and in accordance with all applicable anti-trust laws. Suppliers shall not engage in collusive bidding, price discrimination, anti-competitive, antitrust or other unfair trade practices.


Suppliers shall source goods or services from third parties that meet, as a minimum, country of origin standards for health and safety, working hours, pay, employment conditions and environmental protection.


Suppliers must do business in a way that is open, transparent and with the highest integrity.

There is the potential for a conflict of interest if a supplier’s employee or his or her family member has a close relationship with a SIDR employee who can make decisions that will affect the Supplier’s business. For that reason, the Supplier must disclose these types of relationships to SIDR before entering into negotiations and whenever they arise.

The Supplier should notify SIDR if any of its employees’ family members work for SIDR, have a financial interest in SIDR, or have any kind of past or present business relationship with SIDR. To better ensure that such notifications occur, suppliers should have policies regarding conflicts arising from personal relationships and the giving and receiving of gifts and other business courtesies.


Suppliers must respect SIDR’s policy of conflicts of interest, which limits the giving and receiving of business courtesies. Whilst the exchange of courtesies such as meals, entertainment and nominal gifts is a widespread practice, these exchanges must be casual and token.


Each supplier must ensure that its own supply network respects the intellectual property of others. Suppliers must take reasonable steps to ensure that their vendors, through all tiers, safeguard sensitive information. Suppliers must avoid transmitting information from other customers to SIDR without written permission.

If a supplier becomes aware of any violation of SIDR’s intellectual property rights, then the Supplier must notify SIDR immediately. A supplier must not register any intellectual property of SIDR in the Supplier’s own name, nor use SIDR’s intellectual property for any other purposes. At the request of SIDR or at the end of a relationship, the Supplier must return SIDR’s sensitive information or certify its destruction.


Suppliers have a responsibility to know the origins of all parts and materials and to ensure their authenticity. Suppliers must respond to requests for information regarding the source of any parts or materials.

SIDR upholds all applicable laws regarding antitrust and believes that the highest standards of fair business and competition are to be upheld.

Suppliers shall not engage in collusive bidding, price fixing, price discrimination or other unfair trade practices in violation of antitrust laws and regulations.

Deceptive practices are also prohibited such as making false or misleading statements and representations about products or services of SIDR and its competitors.


Suppliers shall be responsible for complying with the requirements set forth in Supplier Code of Conduct and shall conduct periodic internal reviews, inspections and audits to ensure their compliance with the Code. Additionally, the Supplier is responsible for ensuring that the standards and requirements of this Code are communicated and understood by its personnel working on or in support of SIDR. Suppliers will be held liable for the conduct and actions of its employees.

Suppliers are required to immediately notify SIDR as soon as they become aware of any actual or potential violation of the Code and to propose corrective plans regarding such violation. SIDR may terminate its relationship with a Supplier is a material breach or repeated breaches of the Code. Potential or actual violations of the Code and any other irregularities are to be reported directly to the Head of Procurement.

Suppliers shall maintain appropriate records to substantiate compliance with the requirements of the Code and provide such proof to SIDR upon request. SIDR or its designated representatives maybe engaged in periodic monitoring activities to confirm its Suppliers compliance with the Code.

These monitoring activities may include on-site facilities inspections, using questionnaires, review of `ly available information, or any other measures necessary to assess Supplier compliance with the Code.

Such monitoring activities may be performed in addition to any audit rights which may be set forth in any agreement/contract with SIDR.

No code or policy can anticipate every situation that may arise. However, SIDR expects its suppliers to exercise independent professional judgment and to deter wrongdoing in the conduct of all duties and responsibilities on behalf of SIDR.