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Take 25% off with discount code 'LOYALTY' on an order of $300 or more

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Shop our full range of honey products, plus exclusive perks at our wholesale price.
Quick delivery and shipments to any of your locations. With the flexible wholesale program, you have the freedom to order what you want, when you want it.

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Ultimately, we take great responsibility for providing the highest-quality, best-tasting honey. Where and how we source is paramount.

Raw Honey

Our proprietary varietal formulas ensure each jar of 100% pure honey has the consistent and award-
winning raw & unfiltered honey flavor we’re known for

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Experience purity, low prices, and flexibility with bulk SIDR® honey. Streamlined order management, guaranteed purity, and cost transparency make wholesale buying a breeze. Buy high-quality raw honey at unbeatable prices while reducing waste and supporting the environment.
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Honey Pack

Crafting a single-serve honey pack is truly an art. Sourcing from the broader community of trusted 
beekeepers to perfectly portioned for a one-time use at home or on-the-go

ingredients: honey

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