What’s so great about SIDR honey?

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SIDR honey is one of the finest and most expensive types of honey in the world. Its elite reputation is built through the distinctive features of the sacred SIDR trees (Ziziphus spina Christi). The SIDR tree has a unique, aromatic smell that easily attracts the bees that look forward to the rich feast served in the flower caps of these trees. The nectar produced inside the flowers is extremely potent and full of nutritional values which contribute to the medicinal qualities of the honey. 

It is a product with no pesticides, toxins or antibiotics. SIDR raw honey containing vital enzymatic constituents preserved through the minimal processing and pasteurizing. SIDR honey is a luxurious honey that has a distinctive flavor, luring smell and numberless health properties that are not
limited to: 

– reducing blood sugar; 
– treating erectile dysfunction problems; 
– treating anemia and other diseases. 

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